5 Signs Your Child Is Settling In At Child Care

Parents take great care in searching for the perfect child care centre, but how can they be sure their child is settling in okay? Ultimately, the goal of sending your child to a child care centre isn’t just that someone is keeping your child safe. They should also be in a nurturing environment where learning is encouraged. While many children settle quickly, others may take longer. It’s important that parents recognise the signs of a happy (or unhappy) child.

1. Excited

One of the key signs that your child is settling in well at child care is that they look forward to attending child care. If they’re happy to run through the morning routine and don’t resist getting dressed to leave the house, this is a strong indication that they’re settling.

2. Eager

If your child happily greets staff, and other children, when they arrive and is eager to join the activities, it’s a great sign. It’s even better if they’re unbothered when you leave. While that might hurt your feelings, know that it’s simply a sign you made the right child care centre choice and your little one is settling in well.

If you’re unsure whether your little one is unhappy about being at the facility or just naturally sad about you leaving, speak to the service staff. They can let you know whether the upset lasts any length of time or your child settles once you leave. They can also let you know how engaged your little one is with the other children and activities.

3. Happy at Home-time


Come pick up time, your child is happy to see you, but they don’t immediately rush to your side and drag you out by the hand. An even more positive sign is that they want to show you what they’ve been doing before going home.

4. Happy Chatter


If your child is old enough to verbally communicate with you, they talk happily about their friends or activities at child care. If they tell you about what they learned or what happened that day, these are strong indications they’re doing well.

5. Bonds


If your child has formed an attachment with at least one staff member, then this is perhaps the strongest indicator that they have settled in.

There are also telltale signs that suggest your child may not be settling. So, if they’re uncooperative every morning, constantly stalling, or taking an age to do anything, it could be an indication they’re unhappy. Additional signs include if they are overly clingy, get an attitude with you, or start regressing (potty training, sleep issues, etc.).

If you live in the Padstow area, or anywhere else in Australia, and you are still looking for the perfect child care centre, there is plenty to choose from. If you’re worried your child isn’t settling in at child care, you should speak to the staff at your current child care centre to see if there are possible next steps to help your child feel more settled. The upheaval associated with changing centres isn’t ideal. However, if your child is unhappy, it might be the best move. It does take time to settle so, be sure to allow them the opportunity.