Floor Bed

Numerous people are currently interested in getting floor beds for their children. If are also interested in how it will work for your kid, below you’ll find a full range of benefits to understand whether it’s worth buying such a device for the comfort of your child.

How a floor bed works exactly? Literally, it’s a kind of bed that is usually placed on the floor. It has a number of decorative elements like a bed frame. The mattress can be placed on the floor without an ordinary frame or on the bed with the frame.

The History of a Floor Bed: How Secure Is It for Newborns and Older Kids?

No matter whether you’ve heard about such beds on TikTok or found one somewhere else, this type of bed has turned into a highly widespread type of furniture. As a rule, it is described as a usual bed that consists of only bedding or bedding with the legless framework that is placed on the floor. These can be a simple mattress or a large one.

Back in the 1990s, an Italian doctor developed specific learning principles that were based on experience and free movement needed in the educational setting. The trend was later known as “Montessori at home.” It refers to parents that have chosen to use special principles of freedom in their parenting approach. It usually looks like having a respectful attitude to little kids and encouraging their independence from others. Likewise, it includes preparing a home with enough care to support one’s personal development.

As a result, the creation of the floor bed became an outcome of the main learning principles. In fact, such beds are not only fully secure for children, but also support kid’s personal development. That’s because it allows them to get up on their own in the morning. However, whereas such an educational approach increased the spread of floor beds, many nations around the world were using them before the 20th century. For instance, in the Asian countries like Japan, people have already been using such type of beds in various designs. It became a popular tendency back in the 10th century.

What Are the Major Benefits of Floor Beds?

There are lots of benefits to placing the floor bed for children. These include the next points:

  • They encourage the development of the child’s basic motor skills and the awareness of the body. You may have noticed that when they face the very edge of the bedding, they are likely to move back and never fall off their beds. In the early years of life, the kid makes tiny movements and can turn their body 360 degrees. Such sense of the body is improved through the use of the floor mattresses;
  • Floor beds boost the kid’s confidence and sense of oneself. This benefit refers to the ability of kids to determine when they finished sleeping. It also adds a positive association with their sleeping patterns, simply because such beds are not something they are stuck in and cannot get out of. Instead, it becomes a place they go to relax and have a rest. And they can easily get up when they are done having the rest.
  • It can also be mentioned that they allow kids to enjoy the unrestricted view of the space around, which is one of the reasons why such beds have become especially popular with parents;
  • They stimulate the sleep independence, as children can now regulate when to get out of their beds. Supporters of such an approach notice that such beds offer children greater access to the world around. They can take books and toys while getting ready for sleep. When they first get up in the morning or from nap, they are given greater independence of movement.

There are many other advantages of floor beds, but all in all, such constructions allow children to not only develop properly but also enjoy independence and freedom of movement.