Buying Kid's Furniture

Buying Kid’s Furniture

Buying kid’s furniture does not have to be a major ordeal, but it does take a bit of planning. It is not a more complicated process than finding furnishings for other rooms, despite what some may say. It’s a fact that kids usually get the smaller rooms so when looking for furniture, you will want to locate items that can serve multiple purposes. For example, a headboard with built in book shelves and lighting, or storage pieces that can also be used as steps to help the little ones reach up higher. And don’t forget the toy chest that has a padded top to be used as extra seating.If you have two kids in one small room, when it comes to furniture bunk beds make perfect sense. They take up no more floor space than a regular bed, but provide two sleeping areas. Or you may even consider a trundle bed – a second bed that stores under the first. Keep safety in mind when looking at kids furniture. You will want to buy furniture that can stand up to the rough and tumble abuse most kids dish out to their furniture. Safety rails must be sturdy and tights and ladders should be of sufficient strength and attached firmly to the bed.If you buy older, used kids furniture, have the paint tested for lead content. Always check with consumer protection agencies about the history and possible recalls of any furniture you are considering for your kids. Style is another consideration that should not be complicated. Basically, if your kids are boys, don’t buy them furniture that is white. That style is usually made with little girls in mind.But do keep in mind that any style furniture that you buy for your kids should be able to grow with them to avoid changing out the furniture more often than you would like. For example, no boy is going to want to sleep in his bed with a fire truck design when he enters his teen years.