Camping Gear - Kids Need Some Too

Camping Gear – Kids Need Some Too

Make your kid feel like Bear Grylls, the ultimate outdoorsman and adventurer. Camping Gear-Kids style is just the thing to make your child feel responsible and special during your family camping trips. Even if your camping trips involve setting up tent in the back yard, your kid will feel like you’re in the Yellowstone with some cool camping gear of his own.You don’t have to buy top of the line camping equipment, after all your child doesn’t know the difference between brand names and off brands… so don’t go crazy. This is a learning experience to help your child to grow into an adventure, feel a bit of responsibility and feel like Bear.Some kids get dress up clothes… consider their first camping gear dress-up stuff. To really see if camping and the outdoors is something your child wants to pursue. And like all other young hobbies, with time start adding the nicer camping gear into the pile.So what is some of the camping gear kids should start with? The little tools: compasses, small Swiss army knife (depending on the age of course), whistles, wildlife books, etc.Bigger tools: Camping tents that your child and friends can put up together for back yard camp nights, sleeping bags, non-fire lantern, and small daypacks or hiking backpacks.When your family heads out for camping trips your child will be prepped and excited to help you set up the camp site and explore the wilderness with you. Camping is a great way for kids to learn basic survival skills that everyone should know but few ever do.On top of that you and your child will have great memories together that he/she will take with them. If camping does seem to be something you child likes to pursue look into your local Boyscout organizations or look to see if your local recreation departments offer survival courses for children… and then of course start planning great camping trips.For camping gear-kids style check out for great gear and ideas for your child.