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Celebrity Kids’ Style – Classy, Cute Japanese Clothing For Kids

You may have not noticed, but a lot of the celebrity kids today are wearing kid’s clothing pieces that adhere to the Japanese street fashion style. After all, the entertainment press usually covers the likes of Suri Cruise and her penchant for chic, stylish, and almost clinical designer kid’s clothing. But if you look at the likes of Leni Samuel and Kaya McEknna and their eccentrically designed tees, for instance, or Jaden Smith’s hip and street style-infused fashion, it would be easy to see that celebrity kids are also embracing the classy and cute style of Japanese kid’s clothing.In fact, these celebrity kids may actually be wearing Japanese-inspired kid’s clothing without even knowing it.Jaden Smith, for instance, wears a lot of kid’s clothing pieces that hardly match. During the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles, he wore a gray vest with silver spikes over a plain white cotton shirt, black straight cut pants, and black boots. His sister, Willow Smith, wore a yellow tank top under a chest length leather jacket with floral print. These kid’s clothing pieces combine the formal and casual kid’s clothing aesthetics, something common in Japanese fashion.Jaden’s spiky jacket and Willow’s floral printed vest, meanwhile, have very distinct marks of Japanese kid’s clothing style. The floral style on the leather vest is actually quite Victorian-Lolita in aesthetics, although the girly and youthful yellow tank top defuses whatever inappropriateness that particular kid’s clothing has to create a very distinct style, something akin to Japanese kid’s clothing street fashion. Jaden’s jacket, on the other hand, is more hardcore, as it uses the concept of Visual Kei, a Japanese fashion style that borders on the flamboyant and the kitschy. Many fashion bloggers and experts did comment that Jaden’s kid’s clothing piece is very glam rock in style-and glam rock is one of the styles that influenced Visual Kei.Of course, it goes without saying that Jaden’s and Willow’s kid’s clothing outfits were cute and age appropriate, classy and young-and very Japanese in style.Many celebrity kids follow the footsteps of Jaden and Willow when it comes to consciously or unintentionally using Japanese kid’s clothing fashion as the template for their own ensemble. Shiloh Pitt, for instance, has been seen wearing very feminine sundresses that look like a mellowed-down Lolita dress. Even the prints of Suri Cruise’s designer kid’s clothing pieces are reminiscent of the ones you’d see in Japan right now!This is possible due to many reasons. For one, good fashion will always be good fashion-regardless whether the style is American or Japanese. But more than that, Japanese anthropologists and pop culture experts have said over and over again that Japanese street fashion and even the more current Japanese kid’s clothing fashion styles such as the mellowed-down Lolita dresses are actually imitations of fashion styles from other cultures and countries, including but not limited to America. This exact reason makes Japanese kid’s clothing appropriate and fashionably gorgeous and fitting for American kids.