Common Types Of Diaper Bags For Moms And Dads To Choose From

Most parents need to bring their baby when they are going out to have a picnic in the park, watch older kids in school when they participate in events, buy grocery items, or meet friends. During these occasions, they must prepare all the necessary stuff that their baby needs, such as diapers, wet wipes, feeding bottles, towels, clean clothes, and toys to name a few. But you can’t just drop every single item in any type of bag you want to use without organizing them because that would be your burden in the end.

It would be ideal to use diaper bag backpacks where every essential thing that your child needs can be stored without having to dig or removing all items inside the bag before finding what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that these bags are not only designed to keep baby stuff because you can also store your belongings here since it has ample space. However, some dads and moms out there prefer to use a different purse or pouch for their personal belongings, which is also fine if you prefer it or more comfortable in that way.

Let’s say that your priority here is your baby so you may have to carry this backpack every time you leave the house, especially when there is no one to look after your child. First-time parents may feel a bit shy moving around with this huge and bulky bag but this is a normal setting so you have to get used to it. I guess what matters most now is to choose the type of bags that you will get because you have a variety of options so select the most comfortable and convenient for you.


This one is a simple, fashionable, convenient, and functional type, too. A tote may not look like a diaper bag so it would look great on young adults, too. With this, you won’t feel awkward carrying baby essentials in public because others will even look at how fashionable you are – go to  to learn how it differs from backpacks.

This may be bulky enough because of the spacious interior and come with a wide opening. But dads out there will not surely want to carry this because a tote design is usually worn by ladies. The only downside here is having a short handle so this may fall off your shoulder.


I guess this is the type that both dads and moms may carry anywhere they want to. This is bulky so you have all the space you need for the important stuff. You can even organize it very well because it comes with multiple pockets where you can keep things accordingly.

However, if you need to get something, then you will have to take it off because it is behind you. Anyway, pretty sure that this won’t be hanging at your back for the rest of the day because you may hang this behind the stroller when you are walking in the park and pushcart when you are in the supermarket. The good thing about backpacks is that nothing can disturb you when you are carrying the baby in your arms.

You won’t be bothered with this backpack and don’t need to think that it may fall off anytime or without noticing it. Your hands are free so you can focus on carrying the baby properly. Since it is bulky, it even supports your back so you may see it like having a pillow behind.


If you are looking for a traditionally designed one then you might be choosing a messenger type. This usually comes with pockets so it would be easier for you to organize the essential needs. Remember that you have to be prepared on your family’s day out and one preparation is to bring what your kids might need while having fun outdoors.

When you are walking and carrying the baby, you may have to bring his things as well so the crossbody strap would help in securing your stuff since it is also adjustable. You may carry it on your side so it is designed to easily access your stuff.

It is not just for moms to use but will look great on dads as well. However, it is not that bulky and spacious, though it is enough for a single day out.


Some of you might want to have a messenger, tote, and backpack. Let’s say that you want to have choices and would like to match the occasion. Well, that won’t be a problem if you can afford to buy different styles.

But you may also try a convertible one which could be a tote, messenger, or backpack. This is a flexible type so you can use it comfortably, conveniently, and how you want it to be. It is a versatile style and more practical than getting different ones.


There will surely be moms who cannot stop being a fashionista even after giving birth – click here to find out what your favorite celebrities used. So, now that they already have a baby, she will have more to add to her fashion accessories and clothes. They are the ones who usually buy luxury or designer ones.

Well, there is nothing wrong with this because these moms just want to express themselves. They always want to look gorgeous and stand out but this time, it’s with their child. However, some of you may find it costly because of the luxury style but you should know that these styles are made with materials of good or high quality.

The only downside here is that you may not be able to achieve all the functions so let’s say that some are designed with fewer pockets. Essentials may not be well organized but pretty sure that you will be able to manage them. By the way, if this style cannot help you with what you need, then you won’t buy it so owning one only means that it is still functional and fashionable on your own terms.