Discover 6 Places Your Kids Will Beg You to Return To - It's Chicago Kids Style!

Discover 6 Places Your Kids Will Beg You to Return To – It’s Chicago Kids Style!

Planning a vacation in Chicago with Kids might seem like a lot but it’s really not hard. Chicago Kids have lots of activities to keep them busy all year round especially in the summer. All you have to do is pick the ones you want your kids to participate in and then plan what days you want to see which attractions.It’s easy Chicago is full of fun things for kids to do, these attractions are all over downtown. They are often centralized in various areas, when I take kids into downtown we choose what area we want to focus on for a day and then decide on attractions. For example if we want to see the museums then we head over to the museum district, and plan a day or two really to see the museums that are interesting to them. Or if your kids might not be into museums check out Chicago Navy Pier below.You have so many to choose from: 1. Chicago Field Museum: Brings history to life for everyone, you can see anything from fascinating history and adventures around to the world to the Huge, T-Rex Sue that is the most complete T-Rex in the world. This one is a jaw dropper if you haven’t seen it2. Shedd Aquarium, the mysteries that live under the water come to life, see Octopus, Sharks, beautiful schools of fish, dolphins, all around you. It feels like you’re in another world, simply amazing!!3. Adler Planetarium, the space exploration and development brought to life. It’s so fascinating to see the vast space all around us. This museum holds a special place for many kids who love to see exactly where we are and how we fit into the universe. It makes you feel like you’re out in space exploring with the first astronauts!4. Chicago Art Museum, known as the Chicago Institute of Art, this museum is so large that it’s breath taking with astounding art from any era you can imagine. This is definitely one of the world-renowned art museums in the world, certainly in the top Five. Prepare to be blown away with art from, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Uncover the development of various types of art and its history. There is an interactive area that kids love where they can develop their imagination5. Museum of Science and Industry, there is so much here that help us understand where we’ve come from scientifically to the present and even future. There are trains, planes, Farm Equipment, uncovering our DNA, a German submarines; interacting with how the internet has developed, and the development of the space program just to name a few of the fantastic exhibits that mesmerize Chicago kids.5. Or make your way north to Chicago’s Navy Pier, a win-win for the entire family. There’s food, lots of food, a Children’s museum stuffed with activities for kids, from nature, or safety understanding with an Ambulance they can climb in, to a place for them to play and climb a rope wall, a water room (always a favorite for the kids I took to this amazing museum). Navy pier also has an arcade, a futuristic Rock N Roll McDonalds; boat rides a Ferris wheel and more! This can easily be full day of activities and fun for Chicago kids.6. Or take them to the beach, grab a lunch and make an afternoon of it you can relax a bit and they can play to their hearts content. I know when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go to the beach, it was one of the most amazing parts of a vacation for me.