Helpful Options To Choose From For Your Moving Costs

Relocating to a new home is not easy. You have to spend a lot of time packing your things. There is also a need to consider a lot of factors, especially when it comes to choosing the best place that would be very convenient for you and your family. Preparations are also necessary because you may need to buy packing materials. And then, the most important thing that you really have to assure is the money, which you will use for your moving expenses. This also includes fees for hiring home mover experts, packing materials, storage and everything that is related to your relocation.

Most of the cost will surely go to the professional fee. Now, how much do you think will you need for this? If you are on a tight budget, then I suggest you to look for moving companies that finance relocation to reduce your worries. A relocation loan is actually a personal credit, which a mover can apply for to help you solve your financial moving issues and concerns. It covers all your expenses, regardless of the distance or location – interstate, different state or country.

Now, when will you apply for this type of loan? During your planning and preparation, you will surely have an estimate of all your expenses. After even cutting the finances, you will know how much you will be needing, right? So, can you manage the fees? If you do not have other options left to fund this project, then go for a loan. You can use this before, during and after the move. This includes funding for the packing, cleaning, security deposit, insurance, repairs, fuel and purchasing furniture to name a few. To help you choose your finances, we have here a few options to avail.

0% APR Credit Card

Pretty sure that you will doubt agents, who will ask you to apply for a credit card, especially when they will tell you about a 0% interest that will last for up to 18 months. In fact, this is true, however, not all companies will issue a credit card holder such benefit.

Actually, a 0% APR or Annual Percentage Rate type of credit card is a promotion and a way to encourage new customers. Through this, there is no need for you to pay the interest of a particular balance for a certain period. But you will need to pay the monthly payment at a minimum fee and there won’t be additional charges, too. It means that it is a free loan. But keep in mind that you have to pay your balance before the period ends. Learn more about 0% APR and see how it works.


Applying for an unsecured loan will take a long process. Lenders will not easily trust you. They have to go through a background check and check your credit score as well. They have to be very strict because they will not require a collateral.

If you failed the bank and other private lending companies, then do not lose hope. You still have to check with your employer, especially when you have been employed for more than 5 years now. This way is the easiest method because the employer has your records and will just need to deduct from your monthly salary.

Your last resort is to borrow from friends and relatives. Some of them are surely willing to lend you some with low to zero interest rates. I know that this is not easy because you have a pride, but if this is the only option left, then you better swallow that pride and keep your heads up. These people are the first to understand you, anyway. Therefore, there is a big chance that you can lend some amount. Just make sure that you will pay on time to avoid breaking the trust and do not forget to invite them to your house warming party.


When it comes to a secured credit, make sure that you have something for a collateral or something valuable that will have the same value of the amount that you would like to borrow. Actually, you may use your car as a collateral. Anyway, check for more info.

Now, if you have a collateral and agree to the terms and conditions of the bank or lending investors, then you may choose this option to help you finance your relocation needs. However, choosing a secured loan will take away your opportunity to avail a credit card.

Moving Expenses Covered

Basically, you will have to spend most on the movers because they are doing a professional task here. Hiring them is usually costly, but we need their expertise and services as well. I know that we can always pack our stuff the way we want to. But doing it right and properly, is still advisable. For example, if you have fragile items, how will you pack it? These experts know exactly how to take care of the delicate items, especially during the loading, unloading and transporting these.

Let’s say that you have decided not to hire experts because you wanted to save money on this. However, you still need to spend for the packing materials, cleaning, storing and fuel. But the bulk of tasks and preparations would still be there. You will even spend more time and effort packing on your own. Therefore, you also need more time to pack. If you have your own car, then use it. However, all your household stuff won’t fit in the car. You may have to use a cart to load the other things, but you need driving expertise as well to do this.

You may also use this fund to pay the storage fee. This facility will be very helpful to keep some of your stuff for some time. Lastly, there is one thing that should not be surprised with – hidden fees. Some companies will ask for a deposit, fuel and labor cost. What other fees are hidden in your moving? Only that company knows. Just be very careful with these unexpected financial obligations.