How to keep busy at home during lockdown for covid-19?

People across the globe are shaken by the recent calamity of Covid-19 and most part of the world has been observing a lockdown condition where the governments have stopped the people from getting out of the house. so the people are working from homes, kids are being homeschooled and everyone is staying indoors, confined to their homes.

This was something really interesting in the beginning but with the passage of time people are getting bored of it or are getting short of ideas as to what they should do at their home. If you too are finding it difficult to keep busy, here is a list of things that you should try during the lockdown phase.

We are sure that it would help you keep busy at your home.

  1. The best thing to do is to engage yourself in home improvement tasks. This could include the cleaning of the wardrobes, changing the setting of your house, clearing the debris from the kitchen cabinets and organizing all the things in the house. this can be something very interesting and would give you a clean and well organized home as a result.
  2. Reading books can be the best thing to do in this lockdown season. If you have yet not developed the habit of reading a book, develop it now. You would find that you can explore a whole new world while you are indulged in the book, you mind would open up more and you would feel even more alive staying confined to the home.
  3. Workout sessions carried for almost five days a week can be something to keep you happy and healthy and to make it more fun with the kids, you can start the kinderballet, Zumba or dancing workout routine at home.
  4. Cooking can be something much fun not only for you but for the rest of the family as well. you can experiment cooking new things that you had anticipated and wanted to cook before. You can cook, bake and do the barbeque grilling at home. The kids enjoy cooking a lot and involving them in this practice would enhance their skills as well.
  5. Get yourself a manicure. Yes, pay attention to yourself as well. get a manicure and even a pedicure, look beautiful inside out and work on your skin. Staying indoors, away from pollution and sunlight, you can actually have a beautiful skin.
  6. Watching Disney movies can be something very helpful in killing time in a very pleasant and cute kind of way. So watch as many Disney movies as you can.
  7. Make a photo album or a scrapbook of your favorite pictures and possessions. You could also get involved into photography and capture some really memorable pics from lockdown.
  8. You could get registered for some online courses to enhance your skills while you are free at home and there is no strict work schedule for you.